Mission to Earth

The Mission to Earth (MTE) performance is a live concert led by NYADO, featuring Kenyan R&B artist PHY and Italian entrepreneur Marco Attisani. Their goal is to unite and engage with the crowd, facilitating the excitement into a shared vision of hope and positive global action.

Mission to Earth will perform and launch their new video at the closing plenary on Saturday 4 May at 11:30

Mame Balla Diouf: “Drop the Guns”

Born in the banlieu of Dakar, Senegal Mame rose to the global stage working with Youssou N’Dour’s producer and brother, Bouba, releasing 2 internationally successful albums. Building on this success he began writing and composing his own acoustic music, focused on social issues and the experiences of growing up in West Africa. Mame will perform a moving new song called Drop the Guns, to spread a message of peace and unity. Accompanying him on the talking drum will be Elhadji Mbéngue, who has toured the world with artists such as Baba Mall and Pape Diouf, and most recently his talking drum can be heard playing the recurring motif of Prince T’Challa in the Black Panther film soundtrack

Mame will perform at the UN SDG Action Awards ceremony on May 2 at 7 pm

Natalie Magee

Multi-award-winning Australian musician, social entrepreneur and SDG supporter Natalie Magee will perform her composition ‘I See You’ in 10 languages, together with German guitarist Lena Northdurft at 17:00 – 17:30 on Thursday 2nd May in the SDG Studio.

The song was written to promote a message of inclusion, compassion and global citizenship and was workshopped for three years with newcomer children currently living in Germany. The song and was expanded to include 15 languages to ensure that no child was left behind and would hear a welcoming message in their own language when first arriving in Germany.

This song has helped to develop friendships between hundreds of children and to promote the message that kindness, inclusion and connection are universal values which are understood by all peoples on earth.

Learn more at By Heart Projects and Natalie and the Romance.

Inverse K

Michael Ketigian,  also known by his stage name inverse K, is a poet and technologist who explores and explains complex ideas through the art of verse. He would perform under his given name if it were more easily spelled and pronounced (it’s kuh-TEE-jee-an), but reality dictated otherwise. The name inverse K is derived from a symbol — [ > I ] — meaning Greater Than I, Greater Than 1. With a core mission to grow community through understanding and cooperation, his work focuses on social evolution through technology. As an engineer, inverse K is intimately attuned to the influence of technology on humanity’s status quo and potential futures. As a poet, he’s deeply passionate about crafting narratives that accurately convey these realities, while inspiring paths in the collective imagination toward futures that optimally benefit our shared journey to explore, discover, create, and ultimately love.

inverse K will perform during the Plenary Sessions.

Ricky Kej: My Earth Songs

A finalist for the UN SDG Action Awards, My Earth Songs is a project by Grammy® Award Winner Ricky Kej. It is a set of 27 songs for young children based on the Sustainable Development Goals and these songs are already impacting over 4.9 million children. It is a set of children’s songs based on the SDG’s, highlighting the needs of the planet and the action we need to take. Among the 27 songs each SDG has at least one song.

Gimme Your CO2 will be performed by the SDG Action Kids Chorus at the UN SDG Action Awards ceremony.

Sharon Kalima: Society I Blame You

As a finalist for the UN SDG Action Awards, Sharon Kalima will perform a spoken word piece during the ceremony that reflects her work with Art Global Health Center Africa. Last November for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, the Make Art / Stop AIDS Squad member Mwandi Tobola wrote and performed the piece detailing situations of gender-based violence that are common in Malawi.

Sharon Kalima, Make Art/ Stop AIDS Programme Officer at Art Global Health Center Africa will perform “Society I Blame You” at the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony.

Darius Darek Roncoszek DJ

Darius Darek Roncoszek was born in Katowice, Poland and is based in Bonn, Germany. He is a musician, producer, geographer, project developer, cultural manager and networker. Darius Roncoszek is co-founder of the transnational Global Club Music Network, member of the democratic participation think-tank BIPAR, part of the ART27-network and part of the working group Music and social responsibility based at Music Council North Rhine Westphalia.

Darius Darek Roncoszek will DJ at the Networking Hour and the UN SDG Action Awards ceremony after-party.

Jeremy Goddard and XYLZ

As a professional musician with a passion for sustainable development, Jeremy has lived outside of his native England for almost 20 years and in that time he has played hundreds of concerts to international audiences in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Europe. Most recently he held a residency as the piano player and singer at the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. Last year he debuted the first release from his band XYLZ at the 2018 SDG Action Awards ceremony. The name XYLZ draws on the increasing isolation that we encounter in our contemporary societies and presents the idea that we are all becoming ‘exiles’ from each other even as we are seemingly more connected.

Jeremy will perform live during the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony and along with his band XYLZ (pronounced exiles) he will play a special guest performance at the Rhine in Flames concert on Friday in Rheinaue Park.

Save the World: I Need Air

On behalf of SAVE THE WORLD 2018, songwriter Bernadette La Hengst has created the new climate song I NEED AIR together with the Youth Choir of Theater Bonn, previously launched as a cultural contribution to COP 24 in Katowice. The song, the fifth climate changed-linked chanson written by the musician on behalf of SAVE THE WORLD frames the urgency for climate action through the lens of clean air. The song is featured in a music video which was shot on the streets and among the buildings of Katowice with the support of the City of Katowice.

SAVE THE WORLD is an artistic initiative started by Nicola Bramkamp and Andrea Tietz, which combines scientific expertise with artistic performances to spread the SDGs. SAVE THE WORLD believes artists everywhere have an important role to play in mobilizing awareness and action on what is happening in society and across the globe. Climate change is not a simple, single issue but one that cannot be ignored and must be addressed.

I NEED AIR will be performed in the closing plenary on Saturday 4th May.

World Music Bonn

International music from the heart of UN city Bonn – experienced and passionate musicians perform folk, jazz, bossa nova, flamenco and pop with vocals, violin, guitar, keyboard, bass and cajón. World Music Bonn interprets songs from a wide variety of cultures, from countries as diverse as Tanzania, Indonesia and Cuba, mostly in unplugged-style. The group’s members have different professional backgrounds and include staff of international organizations such as UNESCO and UNFCCC. Among them is John Hay, who is a part of the UNFCCC team that will be receiving an Honourable Mention for the People’s Seat project.

World Music Bonn will play the closing slot of the SDG Studio Stage on Friday, 3rd May from 16:30-17:00