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Host: United Nations Children’s Fund
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Youth around the world are working toward achieving SDGs. Recognizing global issues as their own challenges, they join hands and work together in solving problems. Using their youth-led ideas and innovations, they act as SDG action catalysts for the future of people and our planet.

Organized by young leaders with UNICEF, the Voices of Youth workshop features the journeys of young leaders around the world promoting the SDGs. Through the experiences and perspectives of international and Japanese speakers from diverse backgrounds, the workshop explores their motivations, challenges and visions for accelerating social change actions toward addressing global issues at the community level.

Their ideas, approaches and solutions for promoting the SDGs will inspire SDG actors to engage young people as important stakeholders for positive social change. The workshop also invites the audience to brainstom how we can encourage various actors to join the SDG movement and collaborate more effectively.



March 25 @ 10:15
10:15 — 11:15 (1h)
Time Bonn (CET)

Japan Workshop Space

Adamu Alhassan, Akitosh Nagasawa Pati, Ashandi Triyoga Prawira, Aya Mortada, Jahnnobi Rahman, Kokoro Ogawa, Mariam Haruna, Muhammadharis Jiman, Ruka Hiroe, Satoko Hagino, Shun Kageyama, Shunsuke Oka, Yuka Konishi