Host: La Triennale di Milano & UN SDG Action Campaign

This visual essay is an attempt to discuss the blurred lines between science and meta-science and their effect in relation to the construction of truth and its temporalities, heeding towards the call by civic society and academics the world over to recognise non-epistemic knowledges that arrive from indigenous and First Nations legacies. Our eternal fear but also attraction for the future as well as our newly founded fear for the eminent extinction of the globe, is interconnected with the incessant need to deconstruct but also to predict: be it through futurology or be it through science proper, humans have an innate desire to shed light into the darkness of the what-is-not-yet-visible.


March 19 @ 09:50
09:50 — 10:50 (1h)
Time Bonn (CET)

March 25 9:00 – March 26 21:00
Time Bonn (CET)

Dimitra Marlanti