Performance | Main Stage

Host: Keychange

Performances from emerging and legendary artists, shot directly from the artists’ home countries and unique settings – from an empty concert hall to a snowy mountain peak- will boost the Festival experience and inspire leaders across sectors and individuals to “do things differently” and #TurnItAround for the Global Goals. Shows are curated in collaboration with artists and networks bringing the world together through music, poetry and art.

Kety Fusco’s work on warping classical harp into a contemporary electronic instrument, makes ethereal, mind buzzling electronic music using nothing but her instrument  and a small set of analogic effects. Her show from the snowy peaks around San Bernardino in the Swiss Alps, on the border between Central and Southern Europe, one of the few places left untouched in one of the most densely populated continents on Earth to put attention on SDGs 13 and 15, Climate Action and Life on Land.


March 25 @ 13:05
13:05 — 13:15 (10′)
Time Bonn (CET)

Main Stage

Kety Fusco