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Primeval forests do not exist in Germany anymore. But in a few areas nature is allowed to once again take its course without human influence. Access to these places is restricted and only few people are able to see this natural treasure. Our VR-Documentary is bringing this moving experience to many more. The 360 video will transport you to two natural forests of Germany which are located on the island of Vilm (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) and in Thuringia.

In an immersive experience you will be able to see and hear as if you were there and will get an impression of what forest areas might have looked like before humans got involved in them. Your Guide on this trip is Prof. Hannes Knapp, who has led the nature reserve of Vilm for 25 years from its foundation until 2015. He knows these woods like the palm of his hand and he will make you understand that forests are actually a living and ever-changing ecosystem. You will learn the difference between a natural and a human-made forest and understand how humans have constantly intervened in nature.

As you are transported to the beech forest of the national park of Hainich, you will see what Germany could look like nowadays without these centuries of human interference. In the end, you will understand why near-natural and also primary forests are worth protecting and how crucial they are for biodiversity and the climate. You will also question how natural our modern woods maintained by humans actually are and hopefully extend that curiosity to other areas in your life.

Protagonist & Narrator: Prof. Dr. Hannes Knapp
Director & Producer: Sandra Jütte
Cinematography: Hauke Wulff
Production Sound: Johannes Ott, Marta Denker & Benjamin Yat-Fung Wong
Drone Shots: Spherie UG, Hamburg
Mixing & Sound Design: Johannes Ott
Music: Benjamin Yat-Fung Wong
Postproduction: Niklas Wienböcker & Max Gausepol
Supervisor HAW Hamburg: Philipp Keßling

A Production of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Botanical Garden Kiel and the Kiel Science Factory.

The 2021 selection of MY World 360º immersive experiences take viewers on a journey across the two sides of this Turning Point.

MY World 360º invites immersive creators – media pros and first time creators alike – to create media that allows us to experience a world turned around – a new reimagined world in which the SDGs are a reality- and that inspires people everywhere to take part in the bold and transformative action needed to solve the issues we face. MY World 360º is a collaboration among Digital Promise, Oculus from Facebook, and the UN SDG Action Campaign.


March 18 @ 11:05
11:05 — 12:05 (1h)

Benjamin Yat-Fung Wong, Hauke Wulff, Johannes Ott, Sandra Juette

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