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Host: United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
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The SDGs emphasize that people and countries should work together to create a world where no one is left behind. Achieving the 17 Global Goals requires efforts at all levels, not just at the state level, but also in the public and private sectors. For countries and communities to fulfill the SDGs while solving inherent challenges in an integrated manner, it is important to have a vision reflecting the uniqueness of local contexts. “Localization of SDGs” is one of such approaches for setting goals that correspond to issues in each community. The importance of this “bottom-up” approach led by local governments, communities, and residents has been globally recognized. With the COVID-19 pandemic, community-centered response has become increasingly important. With the restriction of movement due to the pandemic and the mainstreaming of tele-commuting, people have become more attentive to their communities. As the pandemic has increased the importance of promoting local production and consumption, which is impacting traditional supply chains and has devastated the local economy – especially the food service and tourism industries, every country, local region, and community is urged to establish a comprehensive vision for “building back better”. There are many examples of communities around the world that have demonstrated resilience while uniting and supporting each other during the pandemic. In this session, the panelists will introduce activities in their respective fields and their contributions to sustainable development. We hope this session will provide an opportunity for the global audience to discuss community development and SDGs, and to be motivated to start actions for tomorrow. Connect local actions to solve global agendas!






March 26 @ 09:15
09:15 — 10:00 (45′)
Time Bonn (CET)

Japan Stage

Akiko Takatou, Eldo Casiño, Mukudzeishe Shyleen Shantel Kasukusa, Yuiko Taira, Yuji Kuroiwa