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One of our main goals as a content producer is to discuss the inclusion in the job market and how to bring it all over the world. We reckon that the use of audiovisual tool is an incredible instrument to open people’s minds and touch people’s hearts about themes that tangency huge discussions. That’s the why we made Bem-Vindes! / Welcome!, a VR film that aims to foster the discussion about the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome in the labor market. Based on a reverse of logic, the film uses the sitcom’s humor to instigate the breakdown of prejudice and to gently reveals the data from the McKinsey report on the benefits that people with Down Syndrome bring when they are included in the business environment. The film shows us that the ability of these young people to work in groups and to manage many areas of a company is possible and necessary in nowadays world. The VR choice was made to increase the power of the movie and to make the viewer participate in the action and, even for a small piece of time, live side by side with people which were born with Down Syndrome, something that in the concrete world does not often happen.

The 2021 selection of MY World 360º immersive experiences take viewers on a journey across the two sides of this Turning Point.

MY World 360º invites immersive creators – media pros and first time creators alike – to create media that allows us to experience a world turned around – a new reimagined world in which the SDGs are a reality- and that inspires people everywhere to take part in the bold and transformative action needed to solve the issues we face. MY World 360º is a collaboration among Digital Promise, Oculus from Facebook, and the UN SDG Action Campaign.


March 18 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)

Marcos Nisti, Tadeu Jungle

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