‘How to’ Workshop | Upskilling Space


The Skill Set
The session will equip participants with an understanding of how they can use gender data at different stages of their advocacy around the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically the targets and indicators within the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs). The Equal Measures 2030 SDG index will be introduced and used in the session to showcase how an advocate can use the data available in the index to create compelling advocacy messages. The session speakers are from three regional contexts and will also demonstrate using examples from their context as to how gender data has been used in their own advocacy in respective regions to turn it around for gender equality.

The Opportunity
The data driven advocacy approach is a useful starting point of a strategic and impactful advocacy process that aims to influence stakeholders and impact decision making. It is rooted in the understanding that decision-makers will be influenced by compelling messages based on rigorous data and evidence.

The use of data is an integral part of any advocacy for gender equality. It is globally recognised that gender data plays a strategic role in developing appropriate policies to build advocates’ capacity to better identify and understand their issue, as well as the possible solutions.

The Participants
This session is designed for an advocate, activist or champion of gender equality or any advocate looking to take their advocacy to the next level by integrating gender data and evidence in their advocacy planning and messaging for better policy formulation and decision making.

The Skill Building
The session will be delivered by three resource persons from three different regions (Asia, Africa and Latin America). A live demonstration on how to navigate the advocates data Hub and use the gender data from the SDG gender index will be conducted. In addition to that we will use the live polling and Q & A features to engage with the audience and are also exploring the possibility of using the mural board application to capture participant perspectives.

The take Aways

* Participants will learn about the power of the data driven advocacy approach in achieving gender equality within the 2030 Agenda framework.
* Participants will learn how they can use the gender data from the SDG gender index to create compelling messages to support and amplify their advocacy.
* Participants will gain an understanding of how advocates from Asia, Africa and Latin America are using data in advocating for gender equality in their regions.


March 26 @ 14:30
14:30 — 15:30 (1h)

Upskilling Space

Aarushi Khanna, Cecilia Garcia, Hellen Malinga Apila


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