‘How to’ Workshop | Upskilling Space

Host: Football for Peace

The Skill Set
This session will contribute to SDG and Climate Action, by showcasing how to empower youth to become Young Peace Leaders by taking action to support their communities. The session will have a unique focus on youth leadership in restoring the water cycle and rebalancing the climate by looking at water security in communities at risk.

The session will include tangible insights into:

1. How to create and mobilize Young Peace Leaders

2. How to take action and impact your communities with a focus on water security

3. How to engage and work in partnership to benefit communities and climate, through the powerful combination of football and water.

The Opportunity
By using the unique and powerful combination of football and water, we can engage youth to contribute positively towards addressing water issues in their communities and turning it around for SDG Climate Action.

Football is a tool that attracts and mobilizes youth. Through this engagement, we  have an opportunity to educate youth on the role they play in transforming their communities. Youth will be empowered to deliver positive actions enabling water rich communities where there is peace.

The Participants
Join this workshop if you are interested in the health of your communities and land, especially in regions of conflict. Also the workshop will showcase how to use the power of football to achieve peace, the innovative ways of tackling issues of climate change and how they are both interconnected.

The Skill Building
The session will commence with polling and introductory Q&A followed by a panel discussion on Young Peace Leaders, Water Security and Football. Each speaker will get a few minutes to talk about their topics. Following this, we will allow for further interactions to be made via Q&As and polls.

The Take Aways
A key take away for our participants will be the knowledge and understanding of how you can use the power of football to empower and create Young Peace Leaders and how they can lead us towards a better common future through taking actions that contribute positively towards pressing global issues. Another key takeaway is that global peace can not be sustained without water security; it is therefore essential that communities have sustainable access to adequate quantities of acceptable quality water.


March 25 @ 14:30
14:30 — 15:30 (1h)

Upskilling Space

Braydon Bent, Kash Siddiqi, Lebogang Chaka, Minni Jain, Zach Weiss


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