‘How to’ Workshop | Upskilling Space

Host: Fiis

The Skill Set
In this workshop we will stimulate both the body and the imagination. In a creative way, we’ll think about the possible and desirable future proposed by #Agenda2030 and how we can achieve it with our own hands.

Through art, bodywork, music, imagination and open conversation sessions, fiiS proposes a workshop in which we’ll have the opportunity to discuss climate change and how we can stimulate our own behavioral change towards the goals.

The Opportunity
By establishing a connection with people from different parts of the world, participants will be encouraged to exchange experiences and be inspired, meeting with their peers who are mobilizing around the world and taking real actions for a better world. The workshop aims to bring about deep reflections about our personal choices and how we can together build the world we want.

The Participants
If you are working or interested in Climate Change, you are looking for creative and collaborative ways to approach Climate Action, and you want to imagine and create a desirable future- this is the workshop for you!

The Skill Building
The workshop will offer some body dynamics activities, separate the participants into breakout sessions and encourage one-to-one exchange moments.

The Take Aways
Participants will experience a fruitful practice of awareness and leave inspired with new insights on how they can take effective actions in their personal lives to minimize the effects of climate change


March 25 @ 17:00
17:00 — 18:00 (1h)

Upskilling Space

Fernanda Cabral, Flora Bitancourt, Kamila Camilo


Media Advisory

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