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Host: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
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Join UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for a discussion on leveraging the transformative power of sport for people forced to flee their homes because of conflict, violence or persecution.

For children and youth uprooted by war or persecution, sport is much more than a leisure activity. It’s an opportunity to be included and protected – a chance to heal, develop and grow. Sport can also be a positive catalyst for empowering refugee communities, helping to strengthen social cohesion and forge closer ties with host communities.

Sport is also recognized as an important enabler of sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development notes the growing contribution of sport “to the realization of development and peace in its promotion of tolerance and respect and the contributions it makes to the empowerment of women and of young people, individuals and communities as well as to health, education and social inclusion objectives…”

Together, we can realize a world where no one is left behind and where all forcibly displaced youth, with and without disabilities, and their host communities are meaningfully engaged in protective and developmental sports activities and benefit from the platform that sport provides.

さらに、スポーツは持続可能な開発の実現にも貢献すると考えられています。2015年9月の国連総会で採択された「持続可能な開発 (Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs) のための2030アジェンダ」は、スポーツが果たす役割――忍耐力や他者への敬意・寛容な心の醸成、また、女性や若者、個人やコミュニティの能力強化、および健康、教育、包括的な社会の促進――が、開発や平和の実現に寄与するとして、その重要性を認めています。


March 26 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)
Time Bonn (CET)

Japan Workshop Space

Andrew Parsons, Keth Aguer Bul, Megumi Aoyama, Nyanen Juch Malik, Pur Biel, Yasuko Miyajima