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Every year, 8-12 million metric tonnes of new plastic enters the ocean, which means the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute. This rate is projected to triple by 2040. Hosted by NextWave Plastics, this session will tell the impact story of plastic pollution and engage brands on how to collaborate with other market leaders, including competitors, to take positive action for the ocean and the climate by incorporating ocean-bound plastics in their products.

NextWave Plastics is a consortium of multinational technology and consumer brands, convened by Lonely Whale, who gather in the spirit of collaboration and transparency to rapidly decrease the volume of plastic litter entering the ocean by developing the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains. Most corporate companies keep their supplier relationships and product development processes confidential, but by building trust, maintaining a concerted focus and working toward a collective goal, NextWave Plastics is able to foster transformative collaboration across this group of like-minded companies. All 10 NextWave member companies actively collaborate to reach shared goals through participation in quarterly meetings, development of a shared supplier network, engagement in topic-specific working groups and ongoing information sharing.

Opening with an inspirational message from changemaker and leading plastic campaigner, Melati Wijsen, this session will convene a panel of Nextwave Plastics member companies to discuss the practicalities and importance of collaborating with market competitors and cross-industry thought leaders to work toward the same goals to end ocean plastic pollution. Moderated by NextWave Plastics Director, Kendall Starkman, the discussion will go on to and explore the reality of plastic pollution on the ground and the impact this collaboration has for their communities. Participants in this session will learn about the power of effective collaboration and an ethos of innovation to embrace within your organization; discover a model of transparency that welcomes opposing views and advances progress on critical issues; and understand the opportunity to create impact for both communities and the environment by supporting ocean-bound plastic supply chains.


March 26 @ 17:15
17:15 — 18:00 (45′)

Main Stage

Ellen Jackowski, Guy DiMaggio, Jane Abernethy, Kendall Starkman, Melati Wijsen, Richardson Antoine


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