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Host: United Cities and Local Governments

The Innovation
Cities and territories hold the best opportunities to reinforce strategies to achieve the transformation needed for a sustainable future. 

Recognizing this transformative power inherent to local actors and the need to strengthen the collective action towards the global agenda’s delivery, the Local4Action HUBs initiative by UCLG celebrates locally developed processes  and supports their dissemination and replicability in order to further accelerate the global agendas’ localization. 

The initiative aims to scale up knowledge and to promote open dialogue and collaboration between territorial stakeholders to achieve transformational objectives, becoming a key platform to share, explore and communicate the importance of local actions towards the implementation of the global agendas.

The Opportunity
The session will focus on the transformative power of local actions towards the SDGs, triggering a multiplier effect with an impact in global policies and dynamics. 

From gender equality, climate action, inclusive systems and governance structures, to co-creation of roadmaps towards sustainability and the aim of building partnerships, the experiences shared by the Local4Action HUBs address challenges and solutions to move forward to the transformations and commitments requested by the global agendas. 

The session will promote interest in the Local4Action HUBs initiative, as a space for sharing and learning from local innovation, for generating new ideas, partnerships, and inputs for the 2030 Agenda collective processes, inviting everyone to join this global dynamic.

The Participants
The session is aimed at all those who are interested in the SDGs, including local enthusiasts, governmental representatives, UN agencies, urban practitioners, civil society leaders, academic and private sector representatives that want to learn about and join the initiative, and foster local solutions to create sustainable and inclusive cities and territories.

The Contribution
The unique position of Cities and territories to identify vital needs and gaps to improve public service delivery, to engage all stakeholders in designing policy and development strategies, to address inequalities, and to place people and communities’ needs at the center cannot be understated, leaving no one and no place behind.

The session aims to enhance the potentialities of synchronization through the Local4Action HUBs showing the current work and attracting other partners and stakeholders to join, contribute and collaborate with knowledge and expertise, offering possibilities of replication and scaling up the initiative in other contexts (local, national and global).

The Take Aways
The session aims to build up and enhance the Local4Action HUBs community to connect, synchronize and accelerate the 2030 Agenda via localization.

Key takeaways from the session will be to foster the understanding of: 

* The Local4Action HUBs ecosystems as spaces for incubation of collective knowledge that could foster transformation towards sustainability.

* The importance of the kind of diversity of processes and partners brought by the Local4Action HUBs for the co-creation of 2030 Agenda to happen around local and regional governments. 

* Key opportunities of collaboration open for all stakeholders to join the initiative.

Come and be part of this global dynamic!


March 25 @ 16:15
16:15 — 17:30 (1h 15′)

Ideation Space

"Firdaous Oussidhoum, Camila Cabrera, Carla Rey, Emilia Saiz, Javier Irigaray, Johannes Krassnitzer, Luciana Vega, Pablo Martínez Romero, Shi Qi, Sofía Arce, Valeria Lisciani, Wang Zhaojia


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