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Host: KEYCHANGE, Music Innovation Hub, Sound Diplomacy

The Innovation

The music industry has the power to push the needle on SDG Action with the input and support of industry figures such as producers, artists, organisers and rights holders. If this cohort are inspired – across the world – to leverage their platforms, resources and creative talent – the transformative opportunities of engaging with this sector as actors to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, are boundless. This session will look to harness and strengthen a new network from across the music industry and present a guide for SDG Action and best practice, and together harness the opportunity of a transformative ‘new normal’ for the sector.

The Opportunity

This workshop will serve as a kick-off meeting amongst players that are interested in learning about how music and its industry are contributing to SDG initiatives and how they could maximise their impact. This is the moment for the music industry to confront itself with the power and opportunity of the Goals and reflect, explore and navigate clashes in current approach and business practices, to create a new route for alignment.

The Participants

This workshop is aimed at music industry executives, producers, artists and creative industries as well as NGOs, non profits and civil society interested in and working in the intersection with this sector.

The Contribution

During this session, a panel of industry stakeholders will discuss and explore best practice and explore opportunities to push ambition as far as possible. The focus is turning more ideas into reality by confronting obstacles and ideating solutions.

The Take Aways

Facilitated by the understanding that it can be less complex than it first can seem to take action towards the SDGs, the aim of this workshop is to equip market leaders with ideas and approaches to integrate the SDGs into company policies, and open the door for trendsetters to jump on the bandwagon with us, promoting action on the Goals through these novel platforms – worldwide!


March 26 @ 16:15
16:15 — 17:30 (1h 15′)

Ideation Space

Anna Zo, Jonathan Herzfeld, Maimouna Dembele, Ragnar Berthling, Ruth Daniel, Shain Shapiro


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