Co-creation workshop | Ideation space

Host: Digital Promise

The Innovation
MY World 360º, a partnership between the UN SDG Action Campaign, Digital Promise, and Oculus from Facebook, invites people around the world to create immersive media that inspires positive action on the SDGs. This interactive session features a selection of media from the MY World 360º collection. The producers of each selection will share a behind-the-scenes look at their media and invite the audience to consider what makes immersive media compelling through reflection and feedback on the media being showcased.

The Opportunity
As storytelling technology is becoming increasingly more accessible, everyday people from all walks of life can share their perspectives and stories from their own communities. MY World 360º encourages people with any level of experience to use the tools available to them to create compelling immersive stories that have the potential to spark change. Creators in this session will demystify the creative process and help audience members understand how they can make a difference by telling stories that matter to them, with the tools they have available to them.

The Participants
This workshop is for novice and experienced creatives from any industry or sector who are excited to use storytelling to make a positive impact on the SDGs in their communities.

The Contribution
Workshop attendees will help creators uncover opportunities for their stories to have more impact. Attendees will provide feedback on dimensions of the media and the creative process such as equity, human-centered design, and scalability. Attendees do not need to hold expertise to participate and give feedback.

The Take Aways
Attendees will take what they learned in this session and implement it when they create their own media. Active participation is strongly encouraged in this session because attendees will learn the most from their peers in the audience about what makes media compelling. Our hope is that this session not only gives MY World 360º creators feedback from different audiences and perspectives, but motivates and empowers attendees to create MY World 360º media that makes an impact in their own community.


March 26 @ 18:15
18:15 — 19:30 (1h 15′)

Ideation Space

Abigail Rosciglione, Brian Afande, Claudia Moreira, Eduardo Bohn, Elyse Gainor, Esmeralda Estrada, Jen Bagelman, Josephine Gitome, Juan Manuel Peña, Juan Pablo Urgilés, Julia Schmidt, Lisa Jobson, Nicolas Garbarz, Pedro Amaral Reis, Tadeu Jungle, Vipin Dhunnoo


Media Advisory

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