Co-creation workshop | Ideation space

Host: UNDP Accelerator Labs

The Innovation
Collective Intelligence is the enhanced capacity that is created when people work together, often with the help of technology, to mobilize a wider range of information, ideas and insights.

Over centuries, every society has relied on collective intelligence – sharing knowledge, culture and tools to better manage crops or combat diseases for instance. However, since the start of the digital age collective intelligence has really evolved. 

Today collective intelligence is used by the UNDP Accelerator Labs to accelerate progress towards the SDGs and become the world’s largest and fastest learning network on sustainable development challenges. We aim to share this suite of methods and show how these can be used to solve complex problems.

The Opportunity
The UNDP Accelerator Labs use the power of human and machine intelligence to understand problems, develop new solutions, promote more inclusive decision making, and provide better oversight of what is done. The Accelerator Labs from Viet Nam, Ukraine, Ghana and Tanzania will explain how tapping into the power of the collective is helping them build a future with zero waste, combat air pollution and ensure no more plastics end up in landfills and the ocean.

It will be followed by a hands-on co-creation workshop in which participants will discover collective intelligence design and apply this methodology to tackle a very concrete sustainable development problem.

The Participants
Doers, visionaries, dreamers, local community leaders, social innovators, entrepreneurs, decision makers, workers, students and basically everybody interested in promoting participation and inclusive decision making.

The Contribution
Via a hands-on session, attendees will be involved in a series of co-creation exercises and interactive discussions to create a virtual Collective Intelligence Mural space.

The facilitators will share tips and tools to help co-design with the attendees smarter solutions to tackle a very concrete challenge. Using sticky notes, and other digital tools, attendees will be able to bring their own knowledge, experience and ideas and witness, live, the power of pooling ideas in entirely new ways, and connect people across huge distances.

The Take Aways
Thanks to this workshop, attendees will have the chance to understand the basics behind Collective intelligence and apply it to accelerate their own innovation or impact-driven project. They will be able to improve planning and outcomes in at least four ways:

1. Better  understanding  of  facts  and  experiences;
2. Better  development  of options and  ideas;
3. Better  more inclusive decision-making and action; and
4. Better oversight.


March 25 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:15 (1h 15′)

Ideation Space

Gathi Horombe, Ievgen Kylymnyk, Mirko Ebelshaeuser, Phan Hoang Lan, Seth Akumani


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