Campaign Activation Workshop | Activation Space

Host: Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

The Campaign
This Workshop will shine the spotlight on women leading change to reduce gun and gender-based violence and highlight the linkage between small arms and violence against women. The workshop will be led by women working in the security and gender justice sectors delivering on the promises of SDG16.1 and SDG.5, feeding into the development of a growing global community to halve all forms of violence by 2030.

The Opportunity
SDG16 is under review during HLPF in July 2021, and with the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing social and economic crisis it is now more important than ever that we end violence against women by 2030.

The Participants
This session will benefit peacebuilding, conflict prevention and development practitioners as well as grassroot organizers advocating for violence reduction and gender equality.

The Contribution
Participants will unpack and explore the knowledge that doubling down on peace starts with arms control and ending gender-based violence by 2030. Through the session, the panellists will illustrate how disarmament, development, gender justice, and conflict prevention can work together towards the broader goal of Halving Global Violence by 2030.

The Take Aways
Concrete and specific solutions to tackle gender-based violence and strengthen small arms control, and the opportunity to join the momentum of a growing global community to halve all forms of violence by 2030.


March 25 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)
Time Bonn (CET)

Activation Space

Josephine Alabi, Liv Tørres, Magda Coss, Sanja Sumonja