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Host: B Lab

The Campaign
In 2020, the UN Global Compact and B Lab, a global network of organizations transforming the global economic system, developed the SDG Action Manager – a tool for businesses to self-assess, benchmark, and improve their impact on the SDGs.

While the SDGs were initially created for governments to work towards, with the 2030 deadline looming and the pandemic “threatening progress”, it’s imperative that businesses step up to bridge the gap.

This session will inspire attendees toward business action on the SDGs with best practices, case studies from companies using the SDG Action Manager, and a how-to guide on using the tool.

The Opportunity
As we head further into the Decade of Action, it’s likely that your business is already contributing positively towards the SDGs, but there is always room for improvement! This session offers an opportunity to learn about the SDG Action Manager, from the experts at B Lab and companies already using the tool. We’ll demonstrate:
* How your company can gain insight into the SDGs it is already impacting
* How your company can track progress
* How your company can commit to future improvements and take meaningful action on the SDGs

The Participants
Individuals from all backgrounds are welcome to attend, but we’re particularly orienting this session toward business leaders, senior decision-makers, and practitioners from organizations of all sizes who are interested in learning how their business can make meaningful contributions towards achieving the SDGs.

The Contribution
We envision participating attendees to become champions within their business for taking action on the SDGs. We hope they socialize this idea within their business and take the first step in evaluating their current progress on the SDGs by signing up for the SDG Action Manager and completing the Baseline Module.

The Take Aways
The SDGs are, after all, the blueprint to building a better world for people and our planet by 2030 – no one is immune from our collective success or failure in achieving them by the deadline. Thus, we hope that after this session, attendees have the tools to not just become SDG champions for their business, but also within their communities, encouraging other businesses to take action and inspiring cross-sector collaboration.


March 26 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:30 (1h)

Activation Space

Anne-Sophie Gougeon, John Nyagwencha, Lucy Muigai, Neila Benamara


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