Host: MYWorld360

Aftermath is a virtual reality (VR) experience investigating the flow-on effects of climate change. Set in a distant future, the experience takes the participant along the coastal region of Mauritius Island showcasing the potential damaging consequence of sea-level rise and effects, such as climate migration and ocean plastics, on the ecosystem.
Aftermath has a unique take and immersive approach to fostering climate change awareness, by allowing for a first-hand exposure to an impacted environment. The user can physically interact with objects and navigate within the virtual setting, thereby making the encounter truly personal. This immersive experience aims at heightening perception on the potential impacts of Climate Change and also attempts to depict the conditions some countries are already experiencing.

The 2021 selection of MY World 360º immersive experiences take viewers on a journey across the two sides of this Turning Point.

MY World 360º invites immersive creators – media pros and first time creators alike – to create media that allows us to experience a world turned around – a new reimagined world in which the SDGs are a reality- and that inspires people everywhere to take part in the bold and transformative action needed to solve the issues we face. MY World 360º is a collaboration among Digital Promise, Oculus from Facebook, and the UN SDG Action Campaign.


March 18 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:45 (1h)
Time Bonn (CET)

March 25 9:00 – March 26 21:00
Time Bonn (CET)

Vipin Dhunnoo