Ready to get your hands dirty? Our innovations and exhibits list are out!

As every year we’ve selected the most transformative and inspiring games, artistic exhibitions, innovations and more led by the SDG community to let participants watch, see and learn about SDG Action. See what amazing experiences await you and secure your place at the Festival.

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Finally… the SDG Global Festival of Action program is out!

We are only 6 weeks ahead of one of the most inspiring and energising SDG moments of the year! And thanks to the SDG community we’ve got a packed program full of workshops and interactive sessions with everything needed from learning new skills to connecting with partners and build the much-needed coalitions to advance action on the SDGs. Here’s a sample of the diversity of interactive sessions that awaits you each day…

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Calling on SDG advocacy changemakers from across the globe for the UN SDG Action Awards

The UN SDG Action Campaign will recognize individuals, civil society organizations, subnational governments, foundations, networks, or private sector leaders from across the globe for the most innovative, impactful and transformative initiatives building a global movement of action for the SDGs, in the second edition of the UN SDG Action Awards.

Covering seven categories, and a People’s Choice Award, the UN SDG Action Awards aim to identify the top SDG advocacy changemakers in every corner of the earth: Mobilizers, Storytellers, Campaigners, Connectors, Visualizers, Includers, Creatives from across the globe are encouraged to apply until 30 January 2019.

The winners will be announced at a special Awards Ceremony held at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development in Bonn, Germany (2-4 May 2019), and their initiatives and projects will serve as an inspiration and role model to the growing global community of SDG leaders, decision-makers and influencers.

“This Award recognizes all our hard work and it creates the opportunity to share what we are doing with the rest of the world. This is a great platform we can use to reach and inspire more young people around the world” says Asham Perera, Roads to Rights, People’s Choice Award 2017

To discover past winners and how to apply go to:

For more information:
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Contact: Marta Rojas, UN SDG Action Campaign Communications Lead

The UN SDG Action Campaign calls to SDG advocates, creators, influencers & stakeholders to co-design the 2019 Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development

The UN SDG Action Campaign launches its call to SDG advocates, creators, influencers & stakeholders to co-design the program of its annual Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, taking place in Bonn, 2-4 May 2019.

The Festival will bring together leaders from governments, local authorities, international organizations, civil society, activists, young advocates, the creative industry and the private sector to scale up the impact of their work and strategize joint actions, whilst motivating new organizations and individuals to join the movement and take action for the SDGs.

A crowdsourced Festival to scale up SDG Action

Within the overall aim to mobilize, inspire and connect key stakeholders to further SDG action, the 2019 Festival will be curated around 7 interconnected themes: mobilization, storytelling, campaigning, harnessing the power of data, engaging and building networks, leaving no-one behind and creativity.

The Sustainable Development Goals will only be achieved if everyone takes action.” says Marina Ponti, Director a.i. of the UN SDG Action Campaign, “The 2019 edition of the Festival comes at a time where critical SDG milestones are on the horizon at the international level. As the global community approaches the ’10 years to go mark’, now is the time for actors at every level to renew their commitment towards achieving the goals together.”

The Global Festival of Action is co-designed, co-curated and co-owned by the SDG Action community for the SDG Action Community. Plenaries, thematic sessions, immersive experiences, performances and more: the 2019 Festival will feature a variety of formats to further understanding and awareness, build practical skills and networks and become inspired by SDG Leaders. Each active stakeholder in the event will become a much needed and much appreciated Action Partner of the Festival.

How to be part of the program

To create a diverse, dynamic and inclusive event, sessions, new projects, the latest creative endeavours, innovations, immersive experiences, films and art exhibits and performances can be submitted through an online application until 14 Jan 2019. General registration for Festival-goers will open on 15 January 2019.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements, the open call for the UN SDG Action Awards and some of the most inspiring Festival stories. Follow @SDGAction and #SDGglobalFest to stay up to date and help us bring the Festival to a broader audience or go to

Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development  2018 – In Numbers

  • Over 1500 diverse participants from over the world – representing government, youth, activists, the private sector, artists, cities and more – join us each year.
  • More than 30,000 people from 158 countries join digitally through the livestream
  • Over 66 million interactions on social media made the Festival and SDGs trend
  • Over 100 sessions, workshops, experiences, innovations and exhibitions showcased

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Media Contact
Marta Rojas,  Communications Lead UN SDG Action Campaign /  T: +49 228 815 2682