for people and the planet

25 - 26 March, 2021

The SDG Global Festival is going fully virtual!

The SDG Action global community’s annual meeting place is returning, larger and bolder than ever! No longer confined by a physical location, the SDG Global Festival of Action will meet you where you are.

The 2021
edition will


advocates, campaigners and change-makers at all levels by equipping them with the latest policy insights, cutting-edge research and big ideas, along with the most creative and innovative tools that can inspire people to take action.


leaders across sectors and individuals to “do things differently” and #TurnItAround for the Global Goals.


SDG actors from across the world to build capacity, share knowledge, and form and strengthen networks during this time of physical distance, when community connections are most needed to deepen engagement and action together.


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The Festival will provoke debate and drive action around four cross cutting themes with specific discussions – ideas, approaches and solutions – focused on #TurningItAround for poverty & inequality, gender, climate action and inclusive systems and finance.


for Climate
In a critical year for climate action and climate justice, how do we protect and encourage continued climate activism? How can we catalyse an authentic “green new deal” and transition to a resilient, net zero economy as the race to the 2021 global climate meet in Glasgow intensifies?


for Gender
It’s deeply troubling that everywhere in the world, violence against women is at epidemic levels and women are worse off than men, simply because they are women. How do we resolve women’s disproportionate share of unpaid care work, end gender-based violence and empower women economically? How do we harness the social mobilization for women’s rights and ensure that gender equality is a central tenet in building forward together?


for inclusive systems and sustainable finance:
The pandemic has shown that huge transformations are possible in a short space of time when there is political will, public support and financing. How can we transform the global economy, our labour markets, existing taxation frameworks and build an inclusive financial systems that align with the SDGs? How can we reorient systems and power structures so they do not perpetuate discrimination and exclusion but re-establish resilient systems to achieve Goals?


for Poverty
& Inequality:
There is an urgent need to “level up” and deliver a new deal for those left furthest behind. How do we ensure that the world is never in this position again, addressing issues such as temporary basic income, universal access to health care, social safety nets, access to justice and the power of human solidarity and resilience, regardless of context? How do we make sure people’s chances in life are not dependent on their gender, wealth, ethnic background or whether or not they have a disability?


Once more the SDG Global Festival of Action will be designed BY and FOR the SDG Action Community.

We listen to our community and we’ve been impressed and inspired by the incredible ideas and solutions that we’ve learned about through various open calls and campaign initiatives.

Rather than conducting a new open call, the 2021 SDG Global Festival of Action will be curated from some of the most relevant, impactful and bold proposals we’ve seen so far that align with the current context. We see the 2021 edition as the opportunity to elevate the most transformative and timely work that has been building from across the global SDG Action community to together, continue to mobilize, connect and inspire action for people and for the planet.

The Big

the Main

Established and emerging leaders from all sectors and disciplines will share the boldest ideas, tangible actions and cutting-edge insight and share. Join their calls to action for transformative change.

sdg action

awards ceremony

In March 2020, a call went out to the international SDG Action Community, to those that inspire, mobilize and connect for the Goals, to tell us about the transformative projects and approaches they are leading to accelerate action towards the Goals – the call was answered. The winners and honorable mentions will be celebrated at the SDG Action Awards Ceremony hosted at the SDG Global Festival of Action.

building and sharing

Inspiring a New Normal Track - Featured on the Main Stage

Participants are invited to learn from the latest ideas and project insights that can trigger transformative shifts. Content will be focussed on sharing knowledge that could be harnessed for different contexts and to explore tide-turning methodologies and approaches that offer solutions for transformation.

SDG Global Festival of Action from Japan Stage

A pilot regional spin-off of the Global Festival will be curated by key partners and collaborators in Japan. With a keen focus on exchanging best practice and innovations between Japanese stakeholders and international experts, this novel track will take international insights to a local audience and connect local innovations with global participants and networks.

SDG Global Festival of Action from Japan Workshop Space

Participants are invited to dig deeper into key initiatives and approaches coming out of the SDG Global Festival of Action from Japan, by joining interactive sessions and workshops that will facilitate a two way learning exchange

and upskilling


2020 has been a year of great adaptation in thinking and approaches, models and methods for creating impact and mobilizing communities. Co-creation Workshops call on participants to build on novel approaches and have the power to take projects and initiatives to scale.


A “how to” track of sessions will equip participants with tangible skills. Industry experts will lead hands-on skills-building sessions focused on new and emerging skill sets and approaches that campaigners, communicators and mobilizers need as we move into a rapidly expanding virtual world.


This novel format will provide the opportunity for just communities to connect to hash out new campaigns and bring in broader networks to activate plans. Sessions will focus on socializing, activating, building and expanding emerging or longstanding campaigns to onboard key networks and community members, and agree on plans, timeframes and methods to create impact together.

and connections


The impacts of the challenges we currently face are being felt individually and collectively. These sessions are dedicated to supporting the SDG Action community by taking the time to recentre and reconnect. Sessions for guided meditation, mindfulness, self-love and well-being to take some time to reflect and recuperate with like-minded people.


Networks and alliances will host their own strategy meetings. Through these invitation-only meetings, partners will leverage the utmost SDG convening event of the year to connect and plan with communities across the globe.


Meeting new people, building partnerships, generating ideas, expanding networks and finding new collaborators and friends is what makes the SDG Action Festival. This dedicated space will make spontaneous and facilitated networking easy to continue building the SDG Action community.

Experiencing and

and Action Space

Experience and reflect on the future of our world, learn new realities through different perspectives, and find new and engaging ways to take action for transformative change at the virtual and immersive exhibit and Action space.


Access key resources shared by session hosts, speakers and partners. Fins bespoke SDG Action Campaign toolkits, latest reports, communications assets to ensure participants can “collect” key information and continue learning and sharing with their own networks long after the event.


The beauty of taking the Festival online is that you never have to miss a beat! Once sessions are hosted and broadcast, participants will have the opportunity to view anything they may have missed on-demand, at their own pace, and share the most insightful digests with peers and networks.


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