Explore the Innovation Fair!

Throughout the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, an Innovation fair will showcase novel approaches to advancing the SDGs. Over the course of three days, the fair will invite people to get their hands dirty with some of the best examples of immersive storytelling, data, tech and community organizing.

A wide array of organisations will showcase some of the best new tools out there to involve people in policy decision making, mitigate the challenges revolving around the SDGs, make them more accessible, among others.  

There are many solutions and innovations coming from every corner of the world, that is why the exhibitions in this space will change each day, providing participants with new chances to discuss, explore and connect with the masterminds behind the latest innovations across the globe.


The Innovation Fair will be set up on the day before the Festival begins – Tuesday 20th March 2018 and will run for the entirety of the Festival. With over 1000 participants expected across the course of the 3-day event, the Innovation fair will be positioned outside the plenary room and provide the perfect opportunity for delegates to network, discuss, explore and connect with some of the minds behind the latest innovations in this space.

The fair is being developed as a complementary track to the immersive conference, and as such, booths are expected to be as interactive and hands-on as possible. Our goal is to make it PAPERLESS – digital screens, mobile phone apps, selfie stations –, showcasing some of the best new tools out there to involve people in policy decision making, or mitigate the challenges within the SDGs to make them more accessible.

Innovators will be expected to cover the costs of their staff, to attend the Festival and run the booth, while the core organizers of the Festival will cover communications and media work to promote the session, the venue costs and all technical requirements and various logistical support. Innovators will bring with them any supporting materials but should identify in the application form what technical requirements and support they would envisage needing. All innovators will have their logos featured on event materials and on the website (See Partnerships page for further information) and all participants of the Festival will be invited to join the UN SDG Awards Ceremony (21st March) and the social event on the evening of 22nd March, free of charge.

The Head of Innovation from the Events organizing team will connect with all innovators in advance of the Festival to run through logistical, technical and set-up requirements to support the preparations for the fair.

The main organizer and host of the Festival is the UN SDG Action Campaign , who is in charge of the overall strategy and program of the Festival. The UN SDG Action Campaign is seeking partners for the 2018 edition of the Festival.

Partners receive to opportunity to co-design the Festival, thereby setting the agenda and influencing the SDG Action community. Partners also receive the visibility of being formally associated to the Festival. We expect over 1000 diverse participants from around the world representing civil society, government, youth, the private sector, activists, artists, cities and more more – tap into their potential to advance the SDGs by partnering with us!

There are different types of partners with various roles, duties and rights. The Festival is conceptualised as a platform for partners and participants to promote and increase action towards the SDGs. Partners are expected to proactively contribute to the Festival including to its implementation and budget.

Please see the Partnerships page for further information.